Program Description:


To put our health education into practice, ST offers free health testing to our participants. Not only are we educating, but we are directly intervening and continuing to break the norms with tangible benefits.  Annually, we provide STD testings that are relevant in Rwanda; HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc. We also provide NCD tests inclusive of blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and breast cancer screenings.

program goals:

  1. Participants are being tested/screened regularly

  2. Participants know their status

  3. Participants are taking action

Program Outcomes:

Since ST has begun its initiative to provide health testing, over 2,000 people have been screened/tested and are now aware of their health status.  Below are the results of the testings:

H.I.V. Results

Sexually Transmitted Infection Results

Non Communicable Disease Results

*Blood pressure and blood glucose examined

Breast Cancer Screenings

Before I started coming to the Shooting Touch program, I thought I only had to get tested when I got pregnant. Now, I see the players here can get tested about every three months. It’s very important to know the health status of yourself, or the baby in your womb. I’d tell anyone to get tested. It’s a great habit to test before your body could be in trouble.
— ST Participant