Our team has responded to a call from the City of Boston to get urban female youth more actively engaged in and have equal access to sport programming. By following our global mission of educating and inspiring at-risk youth through basketball, we have partnered with Boston Public and Charter schools to launch our Boston program, a free sport-for-development program open to all Boston inner city girls. Shooting Touch enrolls elementary through high school girls.


The primary goal of ST Boston is to provide a safe, supportive, sport-based response to barriers in girls' health, self-esteem, and access to regularly scheduled physical activity. 

How We Do This:

ST fulfills the mission to use basketball to educate and empower at-risk youth, women and their families through various programs aligning with our 2 objectives:

Promote equal access to physical activity and wellness

Provide health and educational services

Boston Leadership Track

Shooting Touch Boston additionally provides monetary donations to ST Boston participates who are in need of financial assistance to further their education or pursue an enrichment opportunity. The ST Boston Leadership Track provides active participants an opportunity to be eligible for funding and can apply through the link below.