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Shooting Touch, Inc. harnesses the power of basketball to improve the lives of youth in the areas of health, education, and character around the world.

In Boston, Shooting Touch has established a year-round presence through programs that provide youth with opportunities for development, both on and off the court.

Internationally, The Shooting Touch Sabbatical Program, known as the "Basketball Peace Corps" provides the opportunity for gifted college graduates to work in Rwanda for one year.  There, they provide places to play by constructing courts, and train local coaches and youths in both basketball and our off-court curriculum of gender equality, health and fitness, disease prevention (HIV/AIDS, malaria, hand washing), the importance of education, and leadership skills.

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Posted By: Lindsey Kittredge
Shooting Touch is so proud to be able to provide access to the sport, and having seen it in person, we have no choice but to keep on keeping on with our efforts, our work and to see this program grow.


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