While gender norms have suppressed females from reaching their potentials, Shooting Touch partners with Paper Crown to provide a Female Empowerment Curriculum to help tackle low self esteem, low confidence, and increase young females’ knowledge on their rights and freedoms.  This program is offered to 30, 16-18 year old females in hopes that leaders will emerge from this training to be able to implement the program to all females in the program.  The program focuses on:

  • Leadership

  • Gender Education

  • Gender Based Violence

Over the 3-month course, Paper Crown reports that the girls have become significantly more confident over time, they believe in their ability to try new things, and they believe in their ability to get back up if they fail or stumble - we have definitely succeeded in meeting our goals as the girls have no issue with sharing their opinions now and believing that what they have to say matters, which is what were aiming for.

Key Learning

The key learnings that have facilitated this growth in confidence were:

  • Knowing their rights (the right to be / do the same things that anyone else can do, men or boys)

  • Knowing the laws that protect them

  • Believing they can make decisions (and making them boldly and successfully)

  • Believing that their voices have inherent worth and value.

Key Processes

The key processes that have facilitated this growth in confidence were:

  • Having the girls speak openly and freely in front of us and each other in the style of our participatory workshops

  • Having the weekly club sessions to solidify the learnings and to continually open a space for them to speak out and practice using their personal voice again and again

  • Having them co-design their own clubs and take on that leadership role in the community.

I learned that it is never the fault of the victim- visiting a boy doesn’t mean it is your fault
— Court Club Participant

Test Scores

Cohort of Females were asked a series of questions relating to their self-confidence and their feelings & knowledge on Gender Based Violence. Overall, we see a 17% & 22% (respectively) positive change over the course of the the 3-month class.