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Program Description:

Since putting down programming roots in Rwanda in 2012, Shooting Touch is now serving over 1,300 youth and over 700 women in six rural communities in Rwanda’s village side.

With 67% of Rwandans under the age of 25, this population is hungry for knowledge and success but is being starved of the access and opportunities integral to their personal and professional development. With gender equity as a focus to our programming, the addition of women has been monumental to our growth and success. 

In order to reverse the cycles of poverty, disease and violence, Shooting Touch is transforming our basketball courts into classrooms where youth, women, and their communities can learn essential health education, develop valuable life skills, and have fun playing the sport of basketball.


The primary goal of Shooting Touch is to put youth and women on track towards a brighter future by marrying the values and skills learned on the court with lessons and experiences that target improved health, citizenry, and empowerment.

How We Do This:

Shooting Touch Rwanda fulfills the mission to use basketball to educate and empower underprivileged youth, women and their families through various programs aligning with our 3 objectives:

Promote equal access to physical activity and wellness

Provide health and educational services

Community Engagement