The first time I realized I had talent, it’s because people from Shooting Touch told me I know the game of basketball. For that reason, I’m always on the court. I started coming to play when I was 11. Before, I only used to take care of cows and goats. I still do. I remember the first time I got involved. Coach Remy told me there was going to be an abdominal competition. Whoever gave up last out of 30 people of all ages was the winner. I won that day. I was so excited. I came to the court before my brother, Eric, who is two years older than me. The next day, I was the one who inspired him to join. ‘Wow, it’s basketball,’ I told him. ‘You should come and see. It’s fun.’ Normally, I don’t miss practice. If I miss, in my heart I feel guilty. I need to be here. When I made my first All-Star team, I was so happy. I didn’t stop there. Next time, who knows? I might not go. I need to keep improving on the court so I can go again. In school, I think I’m clever, but practice helps me relax. Sometimes when I have a fight with my parents or anyone, I come to practice and I forget everything. I forget all the hard times.

-Mitete, 13 years old, Rukara