Niyokizere Cecile is 14 years old and lives in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda with her two parents and three brothers. 

She is in school at the primary four level and her favorite subject is English. When she is not in school she enjoys being with her friends and playing outside. Her dream is to coach basketball to kids.

Our In-Country Program Director, Chloe Rothman, took a moment the other to ask her a couple questions:

Chloe: “What’s it like to be a girl playing basketball in Rwanda?”

Cecile: “I feel so happy.  I play so much and I feel that I’m better than other girls out there.”

Chloe: “Has anyone every told you that you shouldn’t be playing basketball? That you should be home doing other things?”

Cecile: “Yes.”

Chloe: “There are a lot of people in Rwanda that don’t think girls should be playing sports.  They think girls should be home taking care of younger siblings and cooking and cleaning.  If you could talk to the people that think this way, what would you say to them?

Cecile: “I would invite them to the court to see what we do.  They can come play with us.”