Coaching Employment

To enhance programming, ST now has 13 youth (ages 15-30 in Rwanda) employed as full time coaches.

Program Participant Growth, 2015-Current

700 youth and 350 women have access to sport and empowerment through programming.

Health Testings Provided

Over 2,000 people are now aware of their health status through our STD and NCD screenings. * Screenings of lumps were conducted by Breast Cancer East Africa Initiative.


  • 6,447 have had access to health services through ST’s health care sponsorship program.

  • 480 families have access to clean water through distribution of Sur Eau.

  • 73% of our females feel confident enough to stand up for themselves against unwanted sexual approaches.

  • 100% of participants have an increase in knowledge of health issues surrounding Rwanda (malaria, hygiene and sanitation, H.I.V., reproductive health, etc.).

Mobilization Campaigns

By working with community health workers, ST has been able educate 45,000 people of the benefits of health insurance.

Percent of Men in attendance at family days supporting Females in sport

Through our family days, we have been able to educate men on the benefits of females in sport


Basketball Progamming, 2017-Current

100% of participants have increased physical fitness through increased programming sessions. Over the course of 1 year, over 1,000 participation hours have been recorded


  • 25% of G3 participants have access to travel, competition, and recruitment through “AAU The Right Way”.

  • 92% of participants in program have improved GPA through ST’s “Gear up for Grades” tutoring program.

  • 71% of participants learned and instilled new healthy eating habits through nutrition and healthy cooking classes.

On Court Hours Provided

Enrichment/Empowerment Participant Hours

Nutrition Hours

Services Provided