G3: Getting Girls in the Game: Boston, MA

The Getting Girls in the Game Program serves the Greater Boston community and currently operates out of Dorchester's Epiphany School and Jamaica Plain's Match Middle School. G3 provides a safe, supportive, sport-based response to barriers in girls' health education, physical activity and self-esteem for 50+ female youth. Our program offers basketball training to players of all abilities, and an enrichment program that includes academic tutoring, nutrition classes, proper health care education and enrichment outings. G3 has also offered over 350 scholarships to summer basketball camps and counting.

BHC: Basketball Health Corps: RwandA

The Basketball Health Corps program enrolls over 500 girls and boys, ages 7-21, the majority of whom come from low-income rural poverty stricken communities. Our youth are served by 25 local full time and volunteer coaches, two yearly BHC Fellows, our Country Director and a growing number of local and international partners. The BHC Team provides our youth with activities both on and off the court where they learn the fundamental skills of basketball coupled with vital health care, increased access to health insurance and wellness education.