Shooting Touch encourages students and school groups to visit Rwanda and experience first hand how impactful a sport-for-development organization can be. Each year, we accept four (4) different groups (one per month listed below) to travel to Rwanda. For more information regarding these opportunities, please continue reading below.

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Dates Available for the Trip

1. January 2. March 3. June November

All trips are available to be schedule for 1-5 days. If your group would like to visit our program for longer, a discussion with Shooting Touch can take place after the application is submitted.


1. Nyamirama 2. Rwinkwavu 3. Kayonza 4. Rukara 5. Masoro 6. Bugesera

Trip Options For Student Groups

1. On Court with Shooting Touch

a. Basketball Practice (1hr.)

b. Higher Education Lesson (30min.)

2. Day In The Life of a Shooting Touch Participant

a. Home Tour (10min.)

b. Question & Answer with Participant, Translator Included (20min.)

c. Participate in Home Chores, ex: Cultivating, Milking Cow, Cooking, Fetching Water (30min.)

3. Special Activity with Shooting Touch*

a. Building and/or Painting a Basketball Court

b. Helping a Family in Need, ex: Hanging Bed Nets, Rebuilding Home, Creating Garden

c. Community Health Testing Day

d. Organization-Wide Basketball Tournament

e. Host a Training Session for Shooting Touch Staff, ex: Leadership, Basketball, Working with Children, Health Education

f. East African Lunch with Rwandan Traditional Dancers

 Donation Requirements**

1.    $1,000 per person (1-5 group members)

2.    $750 per person (6-10 group members)

3.    $500 per person (11+ people group members)

 *Special Activity Option would require additional financial support that will be discussed after the application is submitted.

 **Final donation amount can be open for discussion with the Shooting Touch Team after the application has been submitted.

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Note: All groups will be responsible for their own flights, in-country transportation, meals and accommodations.


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Additional questions regarding the Student and School Trips, please contact