program description:

In January 2019, Shooting Touch launched the “Pathway To a Better Future” Program for adolescent youth in their last year of program participation.  This program consists of concepts surrounding sense-of self, networking, professionalism, and advanced ideologies. The course will assemble once a week for six months, allowing youth and women to meet with mentors from within the Eastern Province as well as Kigali, take part in workshops with Kepler University students, and gain knowledge from a detailed career- planning curriculum, specific to rural livelihood in Africa.

program goals:

  1. Participants feel better equipped for success in their future

  2. Participants develop improved social skills

  3. Participants are able to set goals, manage finances, and give back to their communities

Before the courses, I used to think that being a leader, you had to have money to make your way up or at least be well known by the community; however, all those perspectives were shifted because I understood that what made a good leader had nothing to do with their financial or social background.
— Mutesi, ST participant
I’ve been saving small amounts of money here and there since starting the Pathways Course. I am buying my own clothes now and I feel good about that. Even recently, some adults have asked my advice on saving money. All people should know the concepts we have learned in this course. I’t so helpful for the future.
— Danny, ST participant