"How long have you been a part of Shooting Touch?"

"Since it started, in 2012."

"What is your favorite part of Shooting Touch?"

"The people. I love the coaches and teammates I have and I especially like playing with my brother. There is a lot on my mind every day, but when I get to the court, I get to focus on playing the game I love with my best friends.  It's a beautiful thing we have here.  That is why I have kept coming every day since 2012."

"Besides the friendships you have made and playing the sport you love, is there anything else you have been able to take a away from being a Shooting Touch kid?"

"I have a learned a great deal from the [health lessons], but even more so how to be a good kid.  I have learned to be on time. I have learned to pay attention when someone is talking.  I have learned how to be a good teammate.  I have my coaches to mentor me."