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Program Description: 

Rec League

Over the course of three months (May-July), ST participants compete in intra-court basketball competition.  This allows players to bond and work towards a common goal together. ST’s rec league consists of over 80 teams, grouped by age and gender demographics.

Holiday League

Over the course of the extended school holiday (Nov-Jan), all youth and women compete within their usual rec teams, allowing for another bout of competition.  This league, however, includes more participants as it is inclusive of school students that have returned home for three months. ST’s holiday league consists of over 90 teams, grouped by age and gender demographics.

Program Goals:

  1. Increased access to sport and competition

  2. Improved teamwork and skill building

Program Outcomes:

Number of League Teams created

League Play is a good experience. I’m always willing to win every game. I always think about the competition, even before I go to school. I know the last team standing will get the trophy. When my team loses, I don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. I’m happy with my teammates and how we work together. I tell the other players, ‘Maybe next time.
— Aron Tuyizere, ST participant