For the cost of $4.00/ year you can sponsor one player to receive health care for 12 months.

RAISED $2,790 so far. $4,000 is the goal - $1,210 to GO!!! 



Hi friends,

If you don’t already know, my co-worker Jake and I have been far from home for the last six months, stationed in the Eastern Province of Rwanda working for an organization called Shooting Touch.  We are a non-profit NGO that’s been up and running for seven years now, aiming to educate and empower youth and women using the game of basketball.  We play ball, we teach health, we aim for a better future. 

Despite the endless laughter and ubiquitous smiles that I and Jake are so fortunate to be granted with every day at practice, these women and children have clandestine struggles that exist largely in part due to lack of health insurance. 

Jake and I have been working extremely hard to impact as many people as we possibly can.  In fact, numbers have gone way up this year:

  • Boy’s participation has increased 85% (from 174 boys in 2016 to 322 boys in 2017)
  • Girl’s participation has increased 108% (from 85 girls in 2016 to 177 girls in 2017)
  • Women’s participation has increased 460% (from 20 women in 2016 to 112 women in 2017)

In less than a year, Shooting Touch has grown from 279 participants to 611 and we are thrilled.  More people are staying physically and mentally active and we are seeing immense positive change in our rural communities.

Last year, Shooting Touch began to insure these individuals so dear to us.  Minimal health insurance costs just $4 a year per person here.  Sadly, many of our children and women don’t have any sort of health insurance.  In Rwanda, to insure yourself, your entire family must be insured too.  While $4 for hospital visits and medicine for a year in disease-ridden rural Africa might sound like an obvious commitment, families of 7, 8, or even 12 (which is very normal for family size here) can’t afford the $28, $32, or $48 necessary to keep them and their family healthy. 

In 2016, 722 individuals received health insurance with the help from Shooting Touch.  As mentioned before, however, our participation numbers are huge this year and so Jake and I are asking for your help. 

If you could take the few minutes to donate just $4 (or more if possible!), you will be majorly impacting the life of someone special to us over here.  The money donated on this page will go directly to health insurance, nothing else.  Shooting Touch runs on donations and grants and now it’s Jake’s and my time to reach out to people like you and see what kind of impact we can make together. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you can pass the message on to others!

Chloe and Jake