Before Mutuelle, I would sit at home and think, ‘this could be my time to die
— Habiyaremye Jean De Dieu, 15 years old

In 2003, Mutuelle De Sante, a low-cost health care plan, became part of Rwanda’s national system. Mutuelle covers pre- and post-natal care, vaccinations, family planning, minor surgical operations, and generic drugs.  This cost of health insurance is an affordable $3.50 per year, however, under the terms of Mutuelle, an individual cannot be solely covered, but rather the entire family must be registered together.  This creates an overwhelming financial burden for families in rural Rwanda where the average family size is six people.  In the villages in which Shooting Touch operates, families often opt out of this system, unable to pay for their whole family at registration time in July. 

Conscious of Rwanda's goal of 100% of inhabitants with health insurance as well as understanding the financial toll it can have on families with limited income outside of the capital city of Kigali, ST takes major steps towards helping our communities. 

Shooting Touch has taken initiative to provide health insurance for 6,447 of our participants and their household members since 2016.  By providing the education, breaking stigmas and providing the access to health services we are helping people to live healthier and happier lives.

Number of People Sponsored for Health Insurance