Program Description:

While inner city minority females often lack access to quality education, Shooting Touch has partnered with Northeastern University to provide tutoring for participants on a weekly basis. Students from Northeastern University help our girls with homework, projects and teach them effective study habits. Our academic partnership will allow us to support our girls  academic journey and offer them resources that will help them perform well in the classroom, graduate from high school and take advantage of post-secondary opportunities. We bring participants to college campuses to tour, watch sporting events and meet the students. We have experts come in and present on college readiness and the college recruitment process. We believe in introducing the idea of secondary education, explaining the benefits, and empowering our girls to envision themselves as college students.

program goals:

  1. 100% of participants maintain a B (75% or higher) average

  2. Participants are aware of post-highschool graduation opportunities 

program outcomes:

Improved grades

92% of participants in the "Gearing up for Grades" program have increased their academics.