G3: Getting Girls in the Game

Unlocking the Potential of Every Girl Through Basketball


Our team has responded to a call from the City of Boston to get urban female youth more actively engaged in and have equal access to sport programming. By following our global mission of educating and inspiring at-risk youth through basketball, we have partnered with five Boston Public and Charter schools and launched Getting Girls in the Game, a free sport-for-development program open to all Boston inner city girls. G3 is currently enrolling approximately 75 public middle and junior high school girls between the ages of 10-15 at three of the city's public charter schools and youth centers. In proud partnership with the Boston Police Department.


The primary goal of G3 Boston is to provide a safe, supportive, sport-based response to barriers in girls' health, self-esteem, and access to regularly scheduled physical activity. G3 also provides a very important on-court solution to improving race relations between low-income inner city youth and local police officers.


We accomplish our goals by achieving the following four objectives:

  • Provide Places of Play: Create a safe and female friendly drop-in environment for structured afterschool sport program
  • Increase Female Participation in Sport: Provide inactive girls with opportunities to be physically active in order to prevent chronic diseases
  • Connect and Integrate Coach-Mentors and Youth: Train and equip young female leaders with the life skills and experience needed to positively impact themselves and their peers through the mentorship of female Boston Police Officers on a weekly basis
  • Educate and Empower: Increase nutritional knowledge, instill a sense of body positivity and develop habits for healthy living and community engagement
G3 encourages us to try something new...basketball can take you really far.
— Catanzia Cooper, G3 Athlete


In partnership with the Boston Police Department, Shooting Touch looks forward to rolling out the following:

  • Shooting Touch Classic - 1/1/17-1/2/17 - at Tufts University - proceeds go to G3

  • G3 goes to the Garden - 1//6/17 - the girls will go watch the Celtics take on the 76ers

  • G3 Parent Social - 1/9/17 - at the Epiphany School, Dorchester, from 6:30pm-7:45

  • G3 Home Check Ins - 2/11/17-2/28/17

  • G3 Spring Lesson and League Play: 3/7/17- 6/20/17 - Tuesdays 6-8pm and Saturdays 3-5pm, The Epiphany School, Dorchester 

  • Celtics 50/50 Raffle - 4/10/17 - G3 girls and coaches will sell raffle tickets with half of the proceeds going to G3

  • G3 Summer Tip Off - 6/23/17-6/24/17 - 3 v 3 Tournament for G3 girls and local AAU players

  • G3 Free Summer Clinic: 6/26/17-6/30/17

  • Shooting Touch Kids Camp with Coach Bob Hurley - 7/17/17-7/20/17 - Roxbury Latin School, West Roxbury

  • Back to School Summer Clinic - August, 2017 - Wainwright Park, Dorchester

  • Fall Programming - September through November 2017 - Epiphany School, Dorchester

For information on how to get involved please email: lyonsjustine@gmail.com or mhoward0323@gmail.com