Program Description:

While we recognize that there might be push-back from family and community members who are against females playing sports, Shooting Touch hosts family days four times per year at each of the four court locations. On these days, females invite the men in their lives to play basketball and get a briefing on the health issue that they have been learning about with ST.

Through these Family Days, we have found that at least 50% of men are now supporting their wives or daughters to play basketball.

Program Goals:

  1. Decreased stigma around females playing sports

  2. More men (fathers, husbands, brothers) in support of females in sport

  3. Men in rural communities acting as ambassadors of women’s rights

Program Outcomes:

Pre Family Day

Post Family Day

The important thing I saw from Family Day is that everyone near the court was happy to play sport. People from our community now know anyone can participate and gain health insurance. Men see other women playing and think it’s normal. I was glad when the women brought their husbands and shot baskets together for prizes when they scored. I also liked the skit that day. There was talk about gender and sharing responsibilities between boys and girls.
— Prince Ujeneza