2017 Trainings

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Training and Hiring Local Coaches

Sparking change from within the community, Shooting Touch staff and BHC fellows train local youth to deliver our programming through clinics and workshops that not only certify them as basketball coaches but also transform them into youth development practitioners. Shooting Touch now has 8 local coaches who are well equipped to coach, referee, implement curriculum, and conduct pre-and-post testing.

I feel like I’m born again, I have a reason to smile
— Shema, Naymirama, Junior Coach and Player - after hearing he has a job with Shooting Touch

Training Research and Development Teams

BHC staff also trained a mobile research team of 12 out-of-school youth to implement BHC’s monitoring and evaluation strategy in order to capture our on and off court impacts and arm us with data for informed decision making. 

Female Entrepreneur Pilot Program

While over 60% of Shooting Touch women are unemployed,  we are exploring different options to help our adolescent youth and women find employment.  Our first initiative took place with training sessions from Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE) and our Nyamirama women.  72 of our women underwent training and learned the skills for selling menstrual pads, made from banana leaves, to females in our communities. 

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People used to laugh at these women playing. Now, all the women in the village want to join and all the men in the village want to watch
— Dudu, Nyamirama Head Coach