Program Description:

Development trainings have been held at four locations in Boston: Davis Leadership Academy, Epiphany, Match, and Lower Mills. Our trainings provide a safe and supportive place for girls to become familiar with the game of basketball and participate in leadership activities. Twice per week, our girls gather to engage in beneficial physical activity, learn and have fun.

Program Goals:

  1. Participants improve their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy

  2. Improve basketball skills and physical health

  3. Provide access to sports programming

program outcomes:

There are now 54 female program participants ranging across three different development training programs (as seen in chart below), totaling 1,000 on court participation hours, a positive increase of 25% from 2017. Our girls also took part in 181 participant hours of off- court enrichment courses including tutoring, nutrition, and life skills sessions using “Her Right to Play” Currirculum.

Survey Results

Improvements in Basketball

After testing the following, 100% of participants increased their scores in conditioning, 73% increased their score in shooting, and 86% increased their scores in Defensive Slides.

Development Trainings

I liked the games and learning how to play. I also liked having fun and getting to know people better. I learned how to be confident, try my best in life, especially when I’m playing basketball. I am glad I joined because I had a great time, everything that went wrong during the day just goes away. And it’s fun to forget things that make you worry
— Shooting Touch Boston Participant


Seven Shooting Touch Boston girls visited Nobles to participate in a practice and meet the coaches and team. Coach Alex prepped the gym with a seating area for parents and a detailed practice plan. The nobles team introduced themselves and then welcomed the girls on the court to practice. It was an intense practice but the STB girls didn’t look out of place! The girls completed the full two-hour practice and ended with a team huddle. Six Shooting Touch girls will all be applying to Nobles for this year or next, depending on the ISEE status and ability to complete the application by the January 15th deadline.