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Turi Kumwe - We Are Together Curriculum

The cornerstone of the BHC is our custom-developed health curriculum, Turi Kumwe, which is Kinyarwandan for “We are Together” and signifies the bond and responsibility players have with their teammates and coaches. Turi Kumwe encompasses the belief that when we work together as one, we can overcome the heavy burdens of gender inequality, lack of proper health education and can ultimately choose the path of our own future. 

The Turi Kumwe curriculum is supported by multiple pillars that teach participants relevant preventative health skills like hand washing and malaria avoidance as well as social issues such as healthy relationships, fighting gender norms, saying “NO” to unwanted sex and encouraging protected sex.  We compliment the educational components with the competitive lessons that sport so importantly carries and host multiple basketball tournaments, each one focused on a different theme regarding health or social change. 

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Turi Kumwe Results:

From our most recent Adolescent And Reproductive health unit: 

  • 78% of our women now feel comfortable rejecting sexual advances compared to only 34% prior to our unit.
  • 89% of boys now feel comfortable with the changes experienced during puberty in comparison to the 44% before the unit.
  • 322 girls, boys and women in our program were tested for STD's. 65 of our players are now receiving proper treatment.

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Mutuelle De'Sante Health Care

  • 2,115 players and their family members will now have health insurance for a year through our program
  • 30,000 people have been mobilized through our mobilization campaigns. 
  • Through our efforts, the sectors in which we operate have moved to the top 4 sectors in the district for health coverage.  Nyamirama specifically has moved from last place in the district to second place.
Before Mutuelle, I would sit at home and think, ‘this could be my time to die’.
— Habiyaremye Jean De Dieu, 15 years old