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Turi Kumwe - We Are Together Curriculum

Turi Kumwe signifies the bond and mutual responsibility players have with their teammates and coaches. The underlying premise behind the Turi Kumwe curriculum is that individuals, households, and communities have a tremendous incentive to improve their health. However, they often lack the information to protect themselves and capacities to access and demand adequate care. By mobilizing youth through sport and building a sense of trust, this cognitive behavioral change curriculum delivers a foundation of vital health knowledge, a set of vital personal and social skills, and a trajectory towards entrepreneurship and employability.

Turi Kumwe Results:

In the last 6 months participants saw an average increase of 25% in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene knowledge and behaviors and increased HIV/AIDS prevention knowledge and behaviors by 36%. 

Research and Development

BHC staff also trained a mobile research team of 12 out-of-school youth to implement BHC’s monitoring and evaluation strategy in order to capture our on and off court impacts and arm us with data for informed decision making.

Mutuelle de Sante Health Care Sponsorships

By partnering with district governments and local health care providers BHC was able to sponsor 722 individuals with a year of health care, kick starting their ability to stay healthy, stay in school, and transform the lessons they learn on the court into lifesaving decisions and actions.

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Sparking change from within the community, Shooting Touch staff and BHC fellows train local youth to deliver our programming through clinics and workshops that not only certify them as basketball coaches but also transform them into youth development practitioners. In 2015-2016 Shooting Touch trained 24 individuals in coaching, refereeing, curriculum implementation, and pre- and post-testing.