program description:

While AAU can be very expensive and focus solely on winning games, Shooting Touch has decided to take a different approach to summer competition.  “AAU The Right Way” combines the competition component with health, empowerment and education. Participants partaking in this program are able to compete at the highest level and have the opportunity to be recruited for free as long as they are attending our tutoring sessions and nutrition courses.

Program Goals:

  1. Improve self esteem, self efficacy, problem solving and conflict resolution ability

  2. Expose athletes to college scholarship opportunities

  3. Provide access to high level basketball competition

Program Outcomes:

There are currently 37 females, and 3 teams representing "AAU The Right Way". This past AAU season, they competed in 24 tournaments while receiving enrichment such as nutrition education, tutoring, and college campus visits.

AAU Season Kicked off with 8th Grade Win of Boston Warriors Hoop Summit

The Shooting Touch Boston program, "AAU The Right Way," has officially kicked off. This year, Shooting Touch has an 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade teams that have been competing all over New England.  This past weekend, our 8th grade team won the Championship for the Boston Warriors Hoop Summit, while Karla Lopez on our 11th grade team won Player of the Game at the Zero Gravity Tournament.